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Help Cory Bryk and family!

Cory and his family have gone through a lot already, but there house just burned down on Sunday while at church. They could really use some financial support to get them back on their feet! Advertisements

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The TLC diet

Now that you know all about heart disease, how it’s caused, and the risk factors for future development. It’s time to learn how to eat to protect yourself from developing heart disease. TLC stands for therapeutic lifestyle changes and this … Continue reading

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Risk factors for Heart Disease

Last time I talked about the consequences of atherosclerosis. Today I will be talking about the risk factors of heart disease. Some of these are unchangeable, but I can give you tips on how to improve the others. The first … Continue reading

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Consequences of Atherosclerosis

Last time, I talked about atherosclerosis and how it’s caused. This week I’ll be talking about different consequences that can occur due to atherosclerosis.  The first is called a myocardial infarction or MI, which is known to most people as … Continue reading

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Heart Disease: How it begins

This first post will educate you on the basis of heart disease and how it begins. Atherosclerosis is the basis for heart disease and the consequences that follow. Atherosclerosis occurs when the lining of arteries are damaged and plaque begins … Continue reading

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